About NHN

When I was five I was a horse. I may have had only two legs and slept inside a house, but I was a horse alright. A horse with the heart of a lion. I lived outside in the pasture with the rest of my herd. I ran like a horse, whinnied like a horse, stomped my feet like a horse, and even ate like a horse (still do). When I grew older and finally realized I really wasn't a horse it was quite an adjustment. Hanging out with people was just not the same. I've had many, many horses during my lifetime and have loved just as many that were not mine. Horses that I got to ride regularly at the stables each weekend. My friends horse that she did not have time for. Or even horses in pastures that looked like they needed a good run. I had deep relationships with each and every one. I was always part of the herd. I didn't  do things to them, I did them with them. A saddle and bridle? Who needed them. But wait. I am getting ahead of myself here.

I have studied Natural Horsemanship for years. I discovered it by chance after adopting a Thoroughbred horse that was deemed unridable. He was aggressive, very pushy and 16 hands tall. I was afraid of him! That little girl who was always part of a herd had suddenly become self conscious. For the fist time I felt fear around a horse. Was it because I was older and more aware of the dangers? Whatever it was it was not comfortable. I knew I was afraid and my horse knew I was afraid.  I knew I needed help and I went to a local clinic. What I saw transformed me. It was the natural state that I took for granted when I was younger.  A natural partnership and harmony with my horses. So the journey began. We worked together on our issues him and I, and that horse is now in a riding school that teaches  dressage.

I have taken in horses that no one else wants and rehabilitated them. Both in spirit and health. I am able to do this with the help of many experts. My goal is to bring this same help to anyone else, whether you are a beginner or an old hat at horsemanship.

Because there is so much to understand I created this site for all those searching for solutions and answers. I don't think we should get caught up in any one technique. For instance the round pen. It's considered the most important tool. Yet is it? Why not use a square pen? To quote Mark Rashid, "If you are only a student of technique, then the options become very limited. On the other hand, when you are a student of the horse, the options are unlimited."

I am not a trainer, but I am an expert when it comes to knowing what works for me.  And I will do my best to offer a broad range of training information so you can find what works for you. I will strive to find the best products for you and your horses. I have a degree in Animal Health technology,  and I am an Herbal Information specialist.I have always been drawn to natural healing and wellness. I love herbs because they work synergistically. Many of my products are dedicated to Bella, a mare who taught me so much about healing. I can not stand cruelty to any life. I do not want to be a part of the destruction of our planet. I love being kind. I love respecting all life.I am striving to be Vegan because it's fits me.