Spring/Summer Blend

$ 9.95

A Special blend of herbs including Dandelion. Dandelion will bloom in Spring. The dandelion is a storehouse of minerals especially iron, copper and potassium. Copper being especially important as an activator of zinc in the body. Zinc being necessary for wound healing, fertility and white blood cell production. Dandelion also contains more vitamin A & C than most other vegetables and fruit.
Great all around Preventative and Nutritious blend

Restores balances within the blood and body fluids, Builds energy and endurance, strengthens the nerves and heart muscle, Full of essential amino acids and antioxidants. Tones the body and helps to expel gas in the colon, as well as promoting a healthy body system.

Full of trace minerals and high in Calcium, B vitamins, as well as Vitamin A and C.

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