NEW~Bella's Blend Spring Summer

$ 18.95

New for Spring, dried apples, orange peel are blended with Organic Alfalfa. Timothy hay pellets,

Dandelion ~

Helps to flush out toxins, blood cleanser, helpful for adjusting to season change.

Rosehips, oats, chia, spices that benefit health, pumpkin seeds to make a delicious, nutritious delightful treat that also benefits your horses health. This powerhouse of nutrition can be added to grain or made into a  mash.

Horses are herbivores, herbs are nature's bounty for them. In today's modern world horses can not roam at leisure and pick out beneficial herbs and grasses. We can help by adding some of what they are NOT getting in their diet by feeding herbs. Unlike traditional medicine herbs work synergistically and harmoniously. Herbs can provide concentrated forms of vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable form.

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