Rhythm Beads

Rhythm Beads are more than merely a fun, colorful necklace for your horse! A set of Natural Horsemanship Rhythm Beads will quite often have a very calming effect for both horse and rider! The soft and rhythmic jingle of the bells helps to eliminate outside distractions that might startle and spook your horse, while at the same time providing a soft rhythm that frequently helps the horse to move into a more even and consistent gait! This same soft rhythm has been very beneficial to many riders that might be having a little difficulty keeping their own movements coordinated with those of their horse. What a terrific aid for someone practicing for the show ring!
Rhythm Beads are not new to the horse scene. The Native Americans would adorn their horses with beads, shells, feathers, etc. It was believed that these adornments held great powers that would keep a horse and his rider safe during times of danger as well as assisting them in moving as one.