Herbal Tea for horses

Tea or Tisane for horses? Why not?


Horses are herbivores, herbs are nature's bounty for them. In today's modern world horses can not roam at leisure and pick out beneficial herbs and grasses. We can help by adding some of what they are NOT getting in their diet by feeding herbs. And by feeding them via teas they get the benefits even quicker.
Benefits of Tea

Chamomile, help to lower stress and calming effects, The cooled tea is also very soothing when used as a wash for inflamed skin
Helps to flush out toxins, blood cleanser, helpful for adjusting to season change
Excellent for diarrhea and upper respiratory conditions, beneficial for moody mares
provide and easily assimilated form of Vitamin C, Rosehips stimulate and strengthen the immune system, beneficial to your horse coat and hooves. Rosehips are also very beneficial for Arthritis pain
Can be used to encourage fussy eaters, or for those horses prone to colic. great for horses who do not travel well to help dispel nervousness.