Equine Chia

Chia is highly palatable and safe for all breeds and ages of pleasure, breeding and performance horses.

CHIA SEED boosts nutrition and brings healing and balance to Equines in a full spectrum. This ancient grain is rich in fiber, protein, essential oils, antioxidants, and a proper calcium phosphorus ratio. Chia is chemical and pesticide free, 100 percent natural and organically grown. Chia requires no mechanical or chemical processing. It’s ready to eat right out of the field!

CHIA SEED provides the highest plant source of Omega-3, with a proper 3:1 ratio of essential oils Omega 3 to 6. Chia helps prevent sand-colic and can eliminate the need for sand-clearing Psyllium products. Chia Seed regulates blood sugar helping horses with overweight, dieting, stress and insulin-issues. 

CHIA SEED naturally provides healthier skin & coat, promotes strong hoof growth, helps provide a calming effect, reduces symptoms of arthritis, ulcers, inflammatory issues, aids with Laminitis, allergies, a healthier immune system, growth and development, recovery and increased energy. Chia seed is high in natural antioxidants, and will last several years without going rancid or spoiling.

Moody mares and horses suffering from hormone imbalance can improve with Omega 3 oil, which eases inflammation of the estrus cycle. Horses with ulcers often improve with Chia because of the soothing effect of the gelatinous seed in the gut and the insulin balancing effect of the seed components.